Designed with internal weather filter and external baffles, CertainTeed Ridge Vent filtered proves that outstanding beauty and performance can be combined.

GAF Cobra Rigid Vent 3

A premium rigid-style vent helps exhaust heat and moisture from your attic.

Owens Corning VentSure 4 ft. Strip Heat and Moisture Ridge Vent

The VentSure® 4-Foot Strip Heat & Moisture Ridge Vents work with VentSure® InFlow intake vents and/or under eave soffit vents to assist improve air flow through the attic. It is flexible enough to conform to virtually any roof slope, and their unique baffle design improves airflow by keeping pine needles, leaves or similar debris from impacting the performance of the vent.

Lomanco 4′ OmniRidge┬« Pro Shingle Over Ridge Vent with Nails

The OmniRidge Vent is an exhaust vent that will help rid your attic of damaging heat and moisture when properly installed and used in conjunction with intake vents located near the lower part of the attic space.

Air Vent Airhawk® Plastic Slant Back Static Vent

These covered openings allow air to escape the attic. Several of these vents are usually required to properly ventilate the attic. They should be placed evenly across the roof.

Lomanco Model 750-G Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Slant Back Static Roof Louver

This is an exhaust vent and must be used in conjunction with adequate intake vents for proper operation. Slant-back style, self-flashing roof mounted attic exhaust vent. Painted units are embossed for durability, extended paint life and blended appearance with shingles. Features a bird-proof construction, louvered sides are seamed to the top and the top is riveted securely to the base flashing; three louvered sides open upward to prevent shingle discoloration; weather-tight collar, seamed to the base flashing; and large nailing flange.

Lomanco 12″ Whirlybird┬« Externally Braced Turbine Ventilator

The turbine design features permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance. Simply put, you can’t buy a better turbine.


The 4 Seasons 10W solar vent is designed and built for sloped shingled roof applications. The vent works by using the sun’s energy to power a fan which pulls excess heat, moisture and humidity out of the attic while promoting healthy air circulation. It can operate from dawn until dusk and has a similar size and shape as traditional roof vents, allowing it to work as a regular passive vent after sun-down.

Because of the sensitive solar panel, the 4 Seasons solar fan can operate even during low light conditions. This vent is often used as an alternative to wind turbines.

GAF StormGuard┬« FilmÔÇĹSurfaced Leak Barrier

StormGuard Leak Barrier will Protect your home by preventing costly repairs due to wall or ceiling staining. Help prevent leaks due to water damming in your gutters, wind-driven rain, and, in the North, damaging ice dams. Create a 100% watertight seal that keeps water out at the most vulnerable areas of your shingle or metal roof


VB Shield is 25 times stronger and more durable than the leading 15-pound felt. Its superior lay-flat properties and water resistance keep it from warping, winkling, and cracking in cold weather, while its enhanced UV protection reduces heat buildup on hot days. ItÔÇÖs also 100% inorganic, so it will not rot or mold.