Your Roofing Material Supplies Company near Cypress

Your Roofing Material Supplies Company near Cypress

United Roofing Supply Carries Owen Corning, GAF, and  Tamko Shingles Close to Cypress

United Roofing Supply is your go-to source for all roof shingles. We carry a vast selection to ensure you can find what you want. Learn more:

Are Owens Corning shingles better than GAF? Both companies are reputable shingle manufacturers offering various shingles with many features and benefits. Your roofers will help you evaluate the pros and cons of choosing the right one.

How long do Tamko shingles last? Tamko shingles can last up to fifty years, depending on the product, environmental factors, and maintenance.

Is Tamko the same as GAF? Tamko and GAF shingles are made by different manufacturers. They each offer several products with unique warranties, features, and prices.

Are Certainteed shingles better than GAF? Certainteed and GAF are reputable shingle manufacturers in the US. Certainteed is highly recognized for quality and performance. You should speak with your roofer about which product is best for your home.